Telecommunications, also known as telecom.
Telecommunication is the exchange of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. It has its origin in the desire of humans for communication over a distance greater than that feasible with the human voice, but with a similar scale of expediency.

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Dams act as the place where water is held back and released in a controlled manner through hydraulic turbines, enabling the mechanical energy of the water to be transformed to electrical energy. Typical dams work to create a reservoir where water is stored at a given height.

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Tele-communication companies around the world are adopting telecommunications outsourcing or leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO) as a winning strategy to reduce cost. … IBN team of experts works as an extension to the client’s enterprise and helps companies unlock the potential of their value chain.

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Telecommunication technologies or Information and Communications Technology (ICT) mean communication technology, including wireless access systems (for cell phone communication, satellite communication, etc). So, there is something in between to combine these two IT+Telecommunications=(ICT)

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What we do

Tekfleet, a Multidisciplinary service background in Telecom, Power & IT


Tekfleet started its inception from telecommunication projects in 2018-2019. Tekfleet is one of the fastest growing Infrastructure & IT Solutions service providers in India. Over the years Tekfleet has evolved itself as a Multidisciplinary organization by establishing a brand name for itself in the Telecom, Power & IT industries.

We had started our business modestly by installing/ maintaining ITI Ltd’s BTS Sites. Today we can boast of an impressive customer list and a series of successfully implemented projects in GSM, CDMA network.
Over the past few years, we have covered the entire length and breadth of the country on our customers’ projects with our site offices situated in Delhi, MP, and Bihar etc.

We also undertake turnkey facility construction and installations for Telecom & Hydro Power Projects, which include activities like shelter installations, power plant; DG set installations, Earth pit executions, electrical and civil works, etc.

In the Software segment & within a short span of time, we have developed & launched robust Enterprise level solutions for the benefit of the industry. Tekfleet’s combination of the software development, client support, and consulting teams under one umbrella enables a stronger focus on the business needs of our clients.
Our technical expertise and cost effective services have made us a noteworthy player in the industry that help us hold consistent client appreciation and satisfaction.

The Total Service Solution

There is something unique about Tekfleet in the Telecommunication & Technology world, something which sets it apart from the rest: the breadth of its service packages. Tekfleet has a complete solution for both mobile and fixed telecommunication networks.

When we create a solution, we leave no stone unturned – from feasibility studies and advice on communication policy and strategy through engineering, construction, installation and maintenance of sites and networks.

Tekfleet’s reputation as a telecommunication & technology one stop shop is based on all-round Quality. Clients put their entire projects in our hands, confident and secure in the knowledge that Tekfleet’s expertise is a guarantee for a job well done.

Customer Relationships

Many of the leading equipment vendors are among Tekfleet’s clients. It is not only Tekfleet’s expertise that they opt for, but also for the following five core values of the company:


These are key values, especially in the complex high tech world where Tekfleet both closely monitors trends and is an innovator of new developments. These five core values coupled to the qualities of our employees are the foundation on which we build relationships with our customers.