Shopify to Magento Migration

Shopify and Magento are great tools to run your online store. Because Shopify to easy to setup people choose it more often than any other solutions available in the market. Due to its certain limitations and drawbacks people choose to moves away from Shopify after running thier store for a certain period of time but it’s not as easy as it sound to migrate to another platform after running a store on one platform for sometime.
Have you also stuck with the Shopify and want to grow you store? We will help you with the migration of your store from Shopify to Magento in a seamless way.

Frequency Asked Questions

This is the list of queries you might have regarding the migration.

Yes, we have to develop the website from scrach. Migration includes two stages: Website Deveopment and Data (Products, Customers and Orders)Migration.
Yes, we can make the design same as your current Shopify website.
Yes, we can also change the design of the new website. As we explain in the first site. We'll create the website from scrach. Design can be modifed as per your requirements.
There are two factors on which estimated migration time depends.

1. Website Development: It depends on the current design of you website or new design (if you want to change the design). For an average site it will take 30 days to rebuild the website in Magento with current design in the Shopify and 60 days in case of a new design.

2. Data Transfer: Data transfer includes products, customers and orders. It also depends on number of products, customers and orders in your existing site. For example: if there are 100 products, 100 customers and 100 orders, it will 10 days to transfer the data from Shopify to Magento.
Yes, there will be few integrations. These are list of few mandatory integration. Rest depends on what you are using currently.

1. Payment Gateway
2. Shipping Partner
3. SMS Gateway
Yes, you have to pay for all third party integrations.
Yes, it will be hosted on a different server. It will cost you $50 to $100 monthly for an average size ecommerce store which depends on the size of the server and usage.
Again, it totally depends on the website design and the size of data to be transferred. It will take estimated $5000 to $10000 for the complete migration which includes and website development and data transfer.

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